Sunday, July 25, 2010

no self respecting southerner uses instant grits

i ate a ton this weekend. and had coordinating outfits.

~thomas's birthday dinner. perfect for sitting in the drive-thru window while picking up some delish barbeque. kids=cramp in style.

fave item-i just can't get over this belt i picked up at gap a few months ago. i love it. it was $3.

~on saturday in tuscaloosa, alabama. very late breakie at the waysider. breakfast of champions. the waysider is the place that introduced me to grits. love at first bite.
fave item- scoop neck puffed eyelet sleeve blouse, with side zip and princess seams. summertime personified in a shirt. i find that i often prefer to wear a woven shirt, rather than a knit tee in especially stifling heat. i find it clings to the body less.

~happy sabbath. i ate a lot of leftover birthday cake. it wasn't even that good. anything passes for a meal when you are about to move and you are trying to clean out your pantry. handful of grapes and a bowl of grits. it was a big grits weekend. my blood pressure is sky high from the salt. i can hardly type from fat finger syndrome. am i alone in this?

i was so excited about wearing this outfit this morning. "i just love it when a plan comes together."(name the totally awesome 80s tv show. no googling. NAT.) i normally shy away from cardigans in summer, but the church was perfectly chilled and a cardi was quite apropriate and comfortable. and my kids were so great during sacrament meeting that thomas and i sat by each other. and i totally learned something in sunday school! i sat down determined to glean as much from the old testament as possible today(normally OT+me=nap) hurray for a good attitude. and lifesavers candy.

fave item- my new necklace i picked up from charming charlie. i can't believe it was in the clearance section for only $6.

i thought it would go great with my new neck scar i got yesterday!

i dropped my curling iron on my neck and my first reaction was to cradle the burning metal in my neck so that it wouldn't hit the floor. obviously i wasn't thinking clearly. then while i was picking it up off my smoldering skin, i immediately dropped it again. back in the same spot. it smelled like a bad dinner. i would have cried, but i had already done my make-up.


Alisha said...

So gonna miss didn't get a chance to fix my lack of fashion...however, I will continue to follow the blogs in hopes of picking up some style along the way. Hope you love SC!

megara said...

how cute are you?? love this! and I love that necklace!


Emily Curfew said...

heidi, you are the most stylish mom out there!! i would stare with jealousy at you if i was in your ward.

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

Ok, I did Google it and I'm disappointed that I didn't know it on my own. I used to watch that show all the time! Just goes to show you I had no idea what was actually happening.

And you are correct about the instant grits. That's like voluntarily eating cardboard.

Love the Sunday outfit. You really rock that shade of green. What would you call that? Lime? Whatever it is, keep wearing it.

Caroline said...

love the necklace! So glad I could introduce you to Charming Charlie!

Elaine said...

Love that last outfit! Green and zebra print? Never would've thought.

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