Thursday, July 22, 2010

casual thursday

i'm not happy with this picture. i am struggling with the day to day dilemma of how to dress modestly when you live on the face of the sun. plus 12540% humidity. it's like walking around in a sopping sponge that you just popped in the microwave. i don't know how you floridians do it. i love alabama. but i would like a heat reprieve. so that i can wear my white skinny jeans at least one more time outside of my house before labor day. and yes, i mostly do believe that summer whites should only be worn in summer. winter whites are a whole different story.
a photo breakdown:
a. photo taken at 930 at night before we watched a dvred episode of psych.
b. i had just eaten a gob of pizza and chocolate chip cookies with my young women girls. i guess it was my going away party. then we played a game that could only be considered enjoyable by 13 year olds. but my 13 year olds loved it. and i'm a good host.
c. my hair was actually dried and straightened. i burned the side of my head from the steam coming off the sweat of my hair while being straightened. it hurt. a lot. i would have cried, but i was at the gym.
d. i couldn't ever decided what shoes to wear and ended up in flip flops. which i have issues with. so i went barefoot for the picture. who cares? it was my house. i can look like a stereotype if i want to. all my teeth are my own though.
e. i almost changed my pants. i should have. iwore shorts all day, why put pants on in the evening when it has only cooled off a mere 7 degrees. pants are hot. who was i kidding?
f. i bought that watch yesterday for $7. it's my ultra-cheapo-no-diamonds-digital(because telling time is that hard)-knock-off version-of-the-leanne-tuohy-toy-watch-that-sandra-bullock-wore-in-the-blind-side. did you follow that? pretty much, it's a cheap white watch. and, as the ultimate copycatter, i completely copied this watch because of my dear friend caroline has a looks-practically-authentic-knock-off-one and it looks great on her. and i really like white.
unrelated: i bought these at tjmaxx today for $15.


MissRochelle said...

love the shoes.

Paula said...

holy moly you are getting so dark. you would definitely pass as a latina now. I have the same watch in purple. after replacing the battery in 2 gym watches just to have them stop working on me in the last 4 months, I saw this one at wal-mart and bought it up.

Rocketgirl said...

Okay, I am non-internet-y right now, trying to manage a houseful of guests and going slowly mad, but I randomly spotted this post and immediately hopped back to cleaning, when my brain shouts, "HEH. KINDA BRINGS A NEW MEANING TO THE PHRASE 'MODEST IS HOTTEST.' HEH."

I had to share. I join you in rolling the eyeballs.