Thursday, July 01, 2010

flirting with disaster

white pants+offspring=flirting with disaster

i wasn't feeling this combo that i pulled together for young women's last night. but the girls loved it so i guess that's points for me. but i felt the look was too young and too fussy and too much effort. i was determined when i woke up this morning to pull something together that was more me. you know, effortless? hahahaha all the way to the bank.

anywhoo, i was much more pleased with this compilation, though it's a more than a tad on the boring side. because i am boring. and i'm fine with that.

i love how my eyes are half closed in this picture because i am still recovering from the midnight showing of eclipse. lamesauce. i have never recovered from early morning seminary in high school. anything past 930 is gravy.


HJolley said...

i tried on that red shirt from wal-mart. you look cute in it. it didn't fit me well.

i like simple looks too.

judging from this comment, i am boring, as well.

Tess said...

If this isn't evidence that I am at a rock-star desk job, I don't know what is! It is in the June 2010 Ensign under questions and answers:

(the very bottom has the prompt under "Share Your Ideas").

Also...I truly am sorry to hear about your father. What a nice tribute and nice pictures. I admire your faith and testimony. :)