Sunday, June 27, 2010


i'm cheap. frugal. not interested in spending too much money on a too few items. and i have been on a shopping hiatus since february. not too hardcore of a hiatus, but i have been using INCREDIBLE restraint. but on friday we officially sold our house after a solid month of delays and so i headed straight to the mall and to make a few purchases of items i have been dreaming about for months and months and months.

one item in particular that i have been dying over was the watercolor floral pastiche pencil skirt from jcrew. like a little bit of heaven. it's like we were meant to be because there it was on the CLEARANCE rack in my size smiling up at me on the day that i deemed appropriate to make a few purchases. 75% off $110. you do the math. holla!

and then i picked up this little V neck for $6 at la gap.

and i love mixing prints so i was happy as a clam at church today.

and yes, i do need a tank under this v neck. this surprised me too.

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Laura Elizabeth Fredlund said...

The outfitt is smokin!! Love the skirt... and reallly love the awesome deal you got. I've always wanted to have you come along shopping with me to help me out... but it's too late now :/ Maybe you can just give me some pointers- like what goes with my body shape. I have some teen like clothes to get rid of and replace with more grown up lady like clothes