Wednesday, June 16, 2010

sweat suit

i confess, i haven't really been getting dressed for a week or so.
gym clothes, swim suit, hanes t shirt, night shirt, rinse then repeat.
the heat makes it difficult for me to plan an outfit that will last all day. after only a few minutes outside, i am a steamy hot mess.
i try and keep it all together by wearing as few layers and as lightweight clothing as possible. one of these days i am going to completely eschew wearing a bra. like all the old ladies in the locker room at the gym.

for fakes:
for realz or how i really felt after carrying a sleeping almost 3 year old more than a mile to a practice baseball field in 95 degree weather in 95% humidity:


Jessica said...

i am hearing you on the heat and humidity! and since i'm carrying a good 15-20 more pounds of insulation than i should be, this summer is even hotter and sweatier. hahahaha.

Nicole said...

I hear that!!!! OUT LOUD my friend!!!

Rocketgirl said...

Speaking of what to wear when dying of heat, I have lusted after that dress you wore when you went to Build-a-Bear for Miz Scarlett. I have one with the same shape, SO nice for hott days. I'm going to try and make another one before my nutty in-law reunion in NAUVOO in AUGUST. AK!!

Paula said...

Per your suggestion, I bought some Hanes t-shirts a few months ago and I LIVE in them. I sometimes don't even change out of them for bed. I hear you about the heat and humity. Monday-Saturday my hair is up in a messy bun because what it the point? Gotta love the South.