Tuesday, June 15, 2010

zit happens!

i have found a product that i love. better yet, i love it and it works on both of it's advertised claims. fighting acne and fading acne scars. i'm pretty self-concious about my skin and i have quite a few factors contributing to my facial frustrations:
1. alabama's highly humid environment.
2. the fact that i get less and less sleep.
3. running. i was born to sweat.
4. my affinity to each milk chocolate chips by the handful(or bag).

neutrogena 2 in 1 fight and fade gel

i have been using it for 6 weeks now and i am a believer. after only a few days i noticed my skin was healing more quickly and i experienced a marked improvement of the appearance of my acne scars and the overall look of my skin. i don't think this gel possesses skin brightening qualities, but i do feel like my skin glows more. either that or the shadows on my face are lessened. it's not a miracle worker; i still have an ongoing battle with less than perfect skin, but i definitely would recommend this product to others searching for a solution. it costs about $8 for .05 ounces at wal*mart. well worth to me for the results i received.

some other reviews i read online stated that some noticed an increased drying of their skin. i didn't encounter that problem whatsoever but the main ingredient in this gel is salicylic acid so buyer beware.


Jeppson Clan said...

thanks for the tip! i am going to try this!

Becca said...

something in the rapidclear line (this product included) makes me breakout. ironic, isn't it? glad it is working for you, though!