Thursday, June 24, 2010

below the knee

i tried to do this whole "beachy" hair look and it more came out like "messygross". kind of like the oil spill in the gulf so i guess it could be loosely termed "beachy". i doubt i will be starting any new trendz with this hairstyle. i was running late to go see a movie with the fam and i decided to just blow dry big and spray and mousse everywhere and see if those fashion magazines that tell you how to do your hair on the fly know what they are talking about. they don't. while i do like big hair, i also like brushed hair. call me crazy. (CRAZY!)

doesn't my leg look like a barbie doll leg when you bend it the wrong direction in this one? creepy.

i have owned this linen dress since christmas and this is my first time busting it out. i despise linen but i just love yellow and i love the mod look of it and the price was soooo right. under $10 at tulle during one of their crazy sales.

fun pockets. almost like i'm pregnant. i didn't stick my hands in them at all just to avoid those prying looks. girl can't even throw up without somebody thinking you're prego.
i did spend a solid 30 minutes ironing it and i refused to let anyone sit near me during church in order to avoid wrinkles. that's why i call linen the devil's fabric. ironing it makes you curse. it's like the 9th circle of hell. so bad dante couldn't even write about it.

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Nicole said...

hahahha!!!! you are such a witty writer!