Saturday, August 21, 2010

you spin me right round baby, right round

this is my 3rd attempt at the same post. so if the other two posts mysteriously show up, then 100 points for everyone.
i wore the same skirt and shirt a bunch over the last week or so. it just felt good. i like to wear new things to death whenever they are still new and i enjoy every minute of it.
1-target animal print skirt
2-white, ruffle neck, pleated tunic

*excuse the just moved in mess...

double points for wearing both pieces together.

it was too warm for all these layers but i am really excited for fall clothes.

and a bonus outfit, i was in a bad mood all day last sunday. probably because i wasn't wearing any of my uniform pieces. i freely gave out the stink eye to anyone who looked too long.


Carie said...

Perfection. My fav? The two together.

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

What happened to Eight Days a Week?

Jessica said...

i love the white shirt -- where did you get it? are you all settled in yet? i want to hear more details! also, we LOVE modern family. it is hilarious. claire and phil are my faves.

Emily Curfew said...

this is my favorite outfit post. i love all of these outfits. i'm obsessed with the white blouse. white has always been my favorite color.

HJolley said...

My favorite is when you match the print skirt with the graphic tee. I love that look.