Sunday, May 15, 2011

ode to a black dress or two

one staple that remains constant in my wardrobe is a black dress. confession, i have 8(or more) black dresses. they are all essential and different. the oldest is from 1999. i will sing the praises(but not the high notes) of a black dress until the end of my days. i love them simply. i love them dressy. i love the flexibility of doing both with the same dress. 

if this was a fashion-advice-doling-blog, i would say:
1. love and embrace and well-fitting black dress. experiment with how many ways you can change your basic black dress.

if this was an advice-in-general-blog, i would say:
1. never use credit, only use cash.
2. condition your hair for at least 3 minutes each time your wash. but only the hair below your ears.
3. clean up your kitchen as you go
4. don't marry anyone until you have discussed finances.
5. cut brownies with a plastic knife
6. when doing lunges or squats, your knee should never go over your toes.
lucky you this isn't that kind of blog.

dress- gift from very dear friend
shoes- target

dress- gap 1999!
belt- gap
cardigan- ann taylor loft
sandals- bakers

from here!

from here!

from here!


Anula said...

I love all black dresses!!

Anonymous said...

One never has too many black dresses, I own a lot too! Love the knotted shirt look and the maxi one, they are always loyal and never fail to stay chic! Hope you are having a great weekend!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Julie said...

So chic!

Monica Whitney said...

Ah. Clean the kitchen as you go. An old secret of mine. I have now trained my husband to do this.

Ask the Duplex

Aleisha Z. Coleman said...

aahhh, if only i had read your advice about discussing finances before you get married 14 years ago, i might have more black dresses to my name:) at least i have one black dress and have stayed married!

you look adorable in every style of black dress with accessories!

your blog is great:)

Peggy said...

great tips! I only use cash too! I love black dresses too - keep wanting to buy more and have to talk myself out of it, even if they are $5 at Target! Yours all look great!

Carie said...

In black dress #1 (must be some great friend, I'm just saying) your chest looks likes it's shining/glowing. Kind of like the meadow scene in Twilight? It's a good look.