Thursday, May 19, 2011

nothing to see here

this week we have had wacky cool weather. so i did something that i've never done before, i wore a sweatshirt in may with white jeans. jeans that i pulled out of my goodwill pile. i was adequately attired for the weather(sweatshirt) and month(white pants in may). it's not a very exciting outfit; i felt like i was straddling the line between a land's end catalog and p. diddy's all white hampton's party. holla!

but this is why i have goodwill pile anxiety. items of clothing must live for at least 6 months in the goodwill pile before i can make the big transition to the goodwill box in my car. from there is it usually another 3 months before i remember that said box is in my car and i drive over to goodwill. then before i drop the box off, i do one last rummage and normally grab one thing out and toss it back in my car before the big box handoff. such is the anatomy of a goodwill drop-off.

sweatshirt- target
jeans- american eagle
sandals- bakers
new running watch- mother's day gift from my husband

then i wore this the next day. another earth-shattering combination. a cardigan and shorts! hello breezy 65 degrees! should i do a tutorial on how i made these pants into shorts? it involved scissors and cutting. if i wanted to add a third step i could have added measuring. but let's not get crazy because i didn't. but i DID take the pants off for the cutting process. i find that works better. that's an insider's tip for you. and every time i wear these shorts some man(sometimes my husband) asks if i've been painting. like being "artfully distressed" is such an out there concept.
cardigan- jcp
sweater- banana republic
shorts- gap(formerly boyfriend khakis)
sandals- bakers


Peggy said...

oh you look soo cute in that sweatshirt and white jeans! I wanted that sweatshirt, but by the time I figured out how cool it was, it was off the sale rack!

Jess said... crack me up! the visual of the goodwill drop-off and the "artfully distressed" it!

two birds said...

i am the same way about the goodwill box! it usually ends up coming back to my closet somehow! love the white jeans/sweatshirt combo...super cute!

The Elegant Bohemian said...

Girly! These looks are tres cute! By the in western nc......where in sc are you from, we may be neighbors! Hugs Serene