Sunday, May 22, 2011

what i wore for the end of the world

i wore this on friday. because the world was ending saturday, right? since i wasn't exactly sure what time the world was going to implode on saturday i wanted to be safe. 6pm eastern? 6pm mountain? who gets to decide these things? also, i didn't clean my house and i did minimal cooking. who wants their last day on earth to be filled with mundane cookery and cleanery? heck, i should have gone out and bought all new clothes and eaten ice cream and brownies for every meal. and not flossed. living on the edge.
blouse- calvin klein
skirt- target
shoes- amanda smith
this outfit choice on such a momentous day really surprised me. i thought i would go all out with sequins and feathers and a headress. i really am dedicated to this whole "dress simply it's summer" thing i've got going on here. 

and since i am so into matching(NOT) even the clutter around the house matched this outfit. score! while i'm on it, who has an animal print slap bracelet? how weird and random is that?

i saw this on bookface and i thought it was funny. and quite apropos.


Peggy said...

hahaha- your post is so funny and so is that billboard! And your matching clutter is too much!

Second Breakfast said...

Love the Target skirt- they've been having some good stuff lately!

That slap bracelet is awesome. The 90s found their way into your fashion blog whether you wanted them to or not!

Kaitlyn said...

i love simple! that's my style :) and how funny is that random slap bracelet?? hah.