Friday, May 06, 2011

a bowl of ice cream for my soul

i can never lay claim on being the world's best blogger. especially since summer is just around the corner and i am going to have messy sloppy adventures with my kids as much as possible. i don't plan on wearing much more than grubby clothes(does your grandma call them that too?) or my swimsuit. and i'm not really keen on taking photos in that. i guess i am apologizing in advance for my soon-to-be sporadic posting. maybe i'll post about swimsuits i want to get. who knows? or, my dream is to go back to the roots of this blog. when i started heidiluxe 5 years ago(WOW!) it was my personal forum for thoughts and complaining. like a bowl of ice cream for my soul. but i'll definitely keep up with my thoughts on fashion and styling and embarassing stories too. because those come with the territory. AND i've got to get dressed once in a while. translation=i'll have to leave the neighborhood and put a bra on every few days for foodstuffs. and perhaps a trip to the movies. cars 2 opens june 24th.

 national smile like a chipmunk day:
scarf- grandma maxine
belt- gap
shoes- target

while i try to be as frugal as possible, normally don't post prices. because it's none of your dadgum bidness. but today was especially cheap:

$2 dress plus
free scarf plus
$3 belt plus
$30 shoes equals


boo yah! keeping it realz, yo.


Monica Whitney said...

you crack me up, without a doubt, every post. I love it. And I love this look.

Ask the Duplex

Carie said...

I have been wearing all my thrifted purchases from CA this week. It is a great pleasure to wear a shirt that cost me $1.50 and get compliments on it.

Rock on.

Anula said...

I love your style. You look great!! Amazing shoes!!

Anonymous said...

5 years ago? wow! that's a lot, great you are still blogging casue I love reading your funny lines, Love the way you belted the scarf, about the swimsuits I think you look great in those, happy friday!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Emily Curfew said...

i wish you could go thrift shopping with me. i love that navy dress. i just spent a little over $100 for a navy dress at macys (even with 20% off coupon). but for me i was sooo desperate for a dress that fits that i was willing to pay whatever. but i wish i could find cute things for much much less.

Peggy said...

Love the cheap outfit especially when it looks so fab!!

Vintage Sparkle said...

Gorgeous outfit! And so cheap!xx