Sunday, August 29, 2010

let's not go camping

lately, i just want to wear button up shirts. which is funny, because i usually steer away from wovens shirts when i could be wearing a knit shirt. i guess it's a heat/comfort combo. but i am liking this 70s camp counselor kind of look. it's says i'm a mom with a plan. and that plan is to iron every night so that i can wear wovens everyday.
today i was excited to wear gingham with sequins. sort of mrs. cunningham meets a disco ball. hurray for dressing up. i think the gingham makes the skirt church appropriate. tones down the flashy.

a closey of the skirt:
i was so excited to see tina fey in this dress with sleeves at the emmy awards! how often do you see a sleeved gown at an awards show that isn't on betty white? this was very exciting for us modest fashion nerds.

hurray for you tina fey. hurray for you!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

you spin me right round baby, right round

this is my 3rd attempt at the same post. so if the other two posts mysteriously show up, then 100 points for everyone.
i wore the same skirt and shirt a bunch over the last week or so. it just felt good. i like to wear new things to death whenever they are still new and i enjoy every minute of it.
1-target animal print skirt
2-white, ruffle neck, pleated tunic

*excuse the just moved in mess...

double points for wearing both pieces together.

it was too warm for all these layers but i am really excited for fall clothes.

and a bonus outfit, i was in a bad mood all day last sunday. probably because i wasn't wearing any of my uniform pieces. i freely gave out the stink eye to anyone who looked too long.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

modern family

thomas and i both ALL CAPS LOVE this show. i've laughed until i've cried. i love the family dynamic and the subtle and not so subtle humor. we both watched a rerun last night and we both laughed so much it was like watching it for the first time. the character phil totally reminds me of thomas like you would not believe. even the kid characters, whom i usually find terribly annoying a la michelle tanner from full house, are actually really hilarious too! in short, if you have a family, came from a family, wanted to run away from your family, or wondered if your family is as weird as everyone else's, this show is for you.

other show highlights:

the decor in all 3 main set houses. love it.

great scott! christopher lloyd is one of the creators.

about a gabillion(14) emmy nominations.

you can watch full episodes online at

season 2 premiere september 22, check your local listings.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

what up with that?

is levi johnston the new spencer pratt? i caught this picture of levi johnston attending the teen choice awards and i just can't get over the fact that he was actually invited...ANYWHERE!

and levi johnston also plans to run for mayor of wasilla, alaska as part of a new reality show. oh the humanity! does anyone else feel like stocking up on non-perishables and hiding out in a bunker to wait out the storm?
but it does beg a more important question? who is less palatable, spencer or levi? thoughts? reasoning?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

please don't stop the music

i need new music. i've exhausted my ipod, and if i'm going to be running miles and miles a week, i need new music. this is where you come in. please suggest a great upbeat song for me to add to my running playlist.

things you should know-
1. i very much dislike the black eyed peas. really. a lot.
2. i don't like anything that is overplayed on the radio. if you heard it more than once today, please don't suggest it.
3. i really like 80s hair band music. one of my favorite's is whitesnake's here i go again.
4. i really like some country music. but not alan jackson or trailer park choir. or anything that sounds as hokey as trailer park choir. please. for the love.
5. i love little known gems from old albums.
6. if you heard it at a stake dance or high school dance while growing up and you loved it and tried to do the worm, that would be a good suggestion.


Friday, August 06, 2010

new house, old tricks

our first sunday in our new ward in south carolina. same old song and dance. i wasn't feeling especially creative. i just really love this skirt. i tried to spice up the look by tying a knot in my shirt. genius, i know.

whenever thomas is around, i feel like i need to actually try and look energetic in my photos since all i have to do is stand there instead of positioning the camera and running and posing in order to beat the self-timer. my life is so hard.
an outfit from monday? or maybe tuesday? it's all a blur. i do know that the kids got registered for school and really, that's what matters. that they will be occupied by licensed professionals and perhaps that will undo some of the havoc i've wreaked on them.
while i do like this look, i was really uncomfortable for most of the day. it is still way too hot for pants. which is funny, because all sorts of people in alabama told us to enjoy the cooler weather when we move to south carolina. seriously? check out a map, it's not like we moved to minnesota.

and today. blurry. that's how humidity makes pictures look. i swear it's not my mediocre camera skillz. (ps- i know i wear this skirt ALL THE TIME. you've noticed it, i've noticed it. i physically cannot put on shorts or pants without breaking into a sweat. and i stink bad enough without sweating.)

it's amazing what a new pair of shoes can do for my outlook on life. i picked these lovelies up for $20 at tjmaxx. i've been pretty annoyed at my closet lately for not being filled with designer clothes. it's not my fault that i live a target kind of life. i figured they are a perfect-summer-to-fall-in-the-south-transition-shoe. plus, i felt like my whole closet was reinvigorated but just updating my shoes. shoes, like viagara for your soul.

and finally, because the heat has gotten to my brain. do you ever notice that some other fashion bloggers take a lot of pictures contorted into weird positions? this is me making fun of them.

have a weird weekend. i know i will.

knocked out, turn me inside out

i found this skirt today at target on sale for $15. it's very similar to some of the pencil skirts that i have been loveloveloving at ann taylor loft lately. i've searched for the real deal holyfield for weeks now but they are all sold out in my size at my local retailers. thankfully target knocked-off the look of at a fraction of the cost. sure, the material feels cheaper than the loft skirt, but it is actually fully lined, which i don't expect from target. the fact that it has side pockets is usually a dealbreaker for me, but i plan on keeping them sewed shut and cutting out the interior pockets. we hippy girls can't be taking any chances with extra material on our moneymakers. i can't wait to wear it and style it. and feed it and love it.

a closey of the print. def more chocolately brown than this picture indicates.

it's like if these two more expensive skirts from loft got together and had a baby from the wrong side of the tracks. i'll take it anyday.