Tuesday, April 27, 2010

when did i become switzerland?

a long time ago(the 90s) in a land called missouri, i was sort of a flashy dresser. gimme a hooha if you remember me wearing these pants:

i wore these to school on the first day of my junior year of high school. and endured a lot of grief for it. but i loved these pants. i'm surprised they still fit. especially since i remember eating cereal for every meal for a week just to ensure a generous fit. i loved clothes that created a stir. anything "vintage" or bought from a thrift store or costumey or completely wild made it into my wardrobe. lots and lots of polyester. it was a hot couple of years. flash forward to now and my style is completely different. no polyester(loathe it) and lots and lots of black and lots of neutrals.
when did i become switzerland? but, the 70s and vintagey influences are still there. just quieter. more adult. more grown up and 30.

from the past week:

loose menswear style clothing. loose is a must here in alabama. since the humidity is constant and the heat starts at 8am, any prolonged clothing contact to the skin is unbearable. it's hard to tell, but the shirt is striped and the pants are a gray and yellow glen plaid. a subtle mixing of patterns. golfer chic.

from the sabbath. the 80s ruled on Sunday. tie neck blouse, pompadour hair, cap toe pumps, lunchlady blue dress. and a blingity blang cocktail ring.

the queen of non-color. gray and dark gray and white and and silver. a whiter shade of pale. but i was so happy and so comfortable in this. a far cry from my bellbottoms of the 90s.

my version of t shirt and jeans. before i hated simple t shirt and jeans outfits. so boring. now i love the simplicity of it, the joy of a soft t shirt and perfect V neck. simple pleasures.

a closey of the t shirt since my picture is SO unbelievable blurry. i'm think blurry is just my photojournalistic style.
from the gap. it was a lovematch. a supersoft white V-neck t-shirt with a print reminiscent of edgar degas or toulouse lautrec(how's that for name dropping?). some of my faves rolled into one. heaven!


heidi said...
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Will and Natalie Giddens said...

Um, HOLLA big time for remembering those pants. And yes, your closet did have quite a bit of polyester even into college.

So I think you should send the golfer chic picture into J. Crew or something b/c that's totally where it belongs. Plus the hair is gorgeous in that one!

Actually, I love all of them. They are so you. I would wear almost everything there, except for maybe the lunch lady church dress. I really don't think I could pull that off.

PS-I've decided to grow my hair long. Partly inspired by your lovely tresses. It's a long, painful road in front of me, but my hair stylist and I agree, it can be done (Can you believe I have a stylist? I've gone to her five or six times in the past year. I think that qualifies.

PPS-That first comment was me. I messed up. Sorry!

MissRochelle said...

I am so impressed you fit into pants from your jr year.

That was like 4 sizes ago for me!

Jessica said...

i love the gray outfit the best. does that say something about me? hahaha. why can't we be neighbors? how fun would THAT be?

also how do you pull off the deep v neck shirt? do you have to wear something under it or are you a small enough size that it doesn't plunge to deeply. and if i had luxurious, thick hair like both you and natalie i would totally want to grow my hair out as well.

Elaine said...

I prefer your "now" style to your "junior high"! ;) These are all so cute. I totally love the oxford shirt with the khaki shorts! Preppy cool.

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heidi said...

jess, i can pull of a deep v not because i am a small enough size, but that i have no chest. really. you can't tell if i am coming or going anymore. thank you babies. i figure that i don't have cleavage, it's really just sternum that you are seeing.
nat, i can't wait to see your lovely long latina hair. and bravo for having a stylist. i'm still working on getting more than 2 haircuts a year.

Sarah Beck said...

love the clothes heidi! and i have to tell you, grey is becoming my favourite colour too. and yes, that's how we canadians spell the words: gray, favorite, and color :)

Rocketgirl said...

Dagnabit, I thought I had added you to my reader adn kept wondering why there were no updates from this blog, duh! Now I'm catching up, dagnabit. Okay, the vintage/90s thing is crazy amusing because my husband grew upnin WebsterGroves and scoured St. Louis for every vintage anything he could find - the pictures are highlarious. All I did in high school was scour my own mother's wardrobe as it was 60/70s delish. Then I hit college and they actually knew me by name at the Goodwill - my fav were BRIGHT TIGHT orange corduroy hipster bellbottoms. If I exhaled too fast, I could pop the button and unzip them half way. F'reals. Now - totally Switzerland. Why?? At least neutrals aren't so blaaahahhhhh on your bangin' frame.

OH - and what's your favorite tee?? I'm trying to fnid a favorite, long enough in the length, not sucksuck tight like a shade shirt - something in the middle. Picks please!