Thursday, April 15, 2010

watch your feet

hints being dropped.

a few weeks ago my mom sent me an email entitled, "30 great years!" my first thought was, "who has been married 30 years?" or "is someone's 30th birthday coming up that i forgot about?" in actuality, someone is turning 30. me. ME! i've been trying not to dwell on it. i'm not COMPLETELY dreading it, just trying to not think about for fear that it might actually happen. 3 is my favorite number, but the zero chasing it scares me. for no real reason. i've enjoyed being "older". just because i am 15 in my mind doesn't mean adultishness doesn't suit me. anywhooo, the point of the email from my mother was to ask what i wanted for my forthcoming birthday. and i've thought about it and it's a few things beside my usual request for clothes, shoes and a couple hours at the library by myself to catch up on all the tabloids. i compiled a list of dream gifts from my first 30 years.

1. peaches and cream barbie. is there a better barbie doll than this?

she's got the bling, the boa and the barrette. a fashion dynasty.

2. the barbie dream house. my jealously runneth o'er. i was blessed with the barbie townhouse, but i always always coveted the dream house, complete with above ground pool.

i did have the barbie RV. but it was always weird playing with it since i didn't have an AARP barbie.

3. a 1988 grand am. when i was 8, i thought this was the kewl-ist car EVER. i wanted so desperately to be a teenager and to be able to cruise noland road in this little roadster. i never completely got over it. in high school, my BF's little brother drove an old blue one and my heart would always skip a beat when i saw it.

4. big, gigantic hair extensions, only slightly tacky(it's possible!). i remember in the 2nd grade i would draw self-portraits with massive amounts of long, long, wavy hair and earrings the size of madagascar.
not like this:

more like this, almost like a football helmet/halo of hair:

5. a gone with the wind costume. or two.
one for daily wear:
and one for my birthday party:

6. a sequin leotard. or two. when i was about 4 i was playing dress up at a friend's house and she had a bright orange, ruffle and sequin dance costume complete with turban and feather. HEAVEN! i wore it all day and then hid my clothes so that i could wear it home to my house. the best idea i ever had.
for the grocery store:

or this one for a special birthday performance:
and what will my special birthday performance include? no clue. perhaps running in high heels? fastest person to fall asleep at any given time? those are my two big talents.

7. the wonder years complete box set. one of my favorite shows of all time. BUTTHEAD! i actually found this on the internet for $23. does that seem unbelievably cheap to anyone else?

8. fingerless lace gloves. one of my favorite looks from the 80s. plus, i really do need some weightlifting gloves and these lovelies can pull double duty.

9. a dream job once a week at banana republic. banana republic has been one of my favorite stores for years. since i am so calm, cool and sophisticated, just like BR. i would love to get a part time job dressing windows. or folding sweaters. or just trying things on.

what about you???


Emily said...

Heidi--on my 30th birthday, I felt the need to do something. big. like jump out of an airplane. and so I did. Happy 30th!

Livin' Single said...

I died laughing reading this. Your list totally beats that pillow case I got all excited about in the 4th grade. I remember one year Mom let me open one present early, and it was batteries to go with another present. Woot.

Lindsey said...

BEST post EVER! I totally want to to do this on my bday!! I remember wanting (and getting) the barbie dream boat. Sure it filled half the floorspace in my room, but it was worth it. I also had the motorhome. AARP barbie? You are a genius of hilarity.

Nicole said...

LOVE, LOVED, LOVED peaches and cream barbie!!! SHe was by far teh BEST Barbie!!! 30 is great...not fret!!!

Becca said...

haha! I want to see you birthday performance.

Jessica said...

you forgot to put a tshirt with a picture of one of grace's faces on your list. hahaha. i'm just kidding. i hope you get at least one thing from this list for real. how fun would that be??

MissRochelle said...

Little FYI- Barbie turns 50 this year. There is an exhibit down at Crown Center that I am trying to arange a field trip for my current issues student to. Urban kids need to know about Barbie too!