Monday, April 19, 2010

good in"vest"ment

good in"vest"ment and the power of three-
my husband and i have discussed at length why certain things cannot be called investments. he says that an investment should only increase in value. clothes, therefore, almost never can be investments. rarely would an item of clothing increase in value. they are considered expenditures.
also, i have a personal style equation that 3 pieces make an outfit look more complete. i am always happier with a look when there are 3 pieces coordinating.
i happened upon this gray knit vest a few weeks ago whilst i was grocery shopping. it's a wa*mart miley cyrus max azria special. it was $3. that's a price i can't turn down. especially when it was five steps away from the frozen vegetables i was looking at. it's like it jumped into my cart of it's own volition. it was meant to be.
i thought it was a no big deal purchase, and then it jumped into 3 outfits in one week.
first off, open over a concert t-shirt(purchased for $1!) and wide leg jeans. slightly boho.

and then it found itself paired with my easter blouse and my jcrew boyfriend jeans.

and then sunday morning i was recovering from being a little ill on saturday(excuse my face) and it just jumped onto this dress. there was no thought whatsoever. just like magic.
so, while this vest hasn't technically increased in value, it's such an amazing piece and i am so happy that i would have paid at least 3 times what i did because i like it that much, a whopping $9!!! i'm no financial guru. but that just makes good sense to me. and 3 simple outfits were made more interesting because of the power of 3 pieces.

also, i busted out my summer purse, which i was more than a little excited about. a little krazy glue and it was good as new. i love a white purse. and white sunglasses. hurray for spring. or as we say in alabama, hurray for summer for the next 9 months. and then we will have winter for 2 weeks.

and in honesty, this is what this picture looks like pre-edit:
blogging and parenting mix like oil and vinegar on a salad. good together, but not always pretty.
my gym bag, dirty dishes, naked baby. all in a days work.
and another shot from today:
the outfit is pretty tame, but i really think it goes well with the ankle breaking toy cars all over the floor. no secrets here. this really is my glamorous life. (and yes, those are vines painted on my ceiling. don't blame me. it's a rental until our house sells.)

finally, i love dresses. and i think my kitchen was actually clean that day. and now i am just bragging.


Nicole said...

all I have to say is that you make me laugh!!! :)

lrbodine said...

Love your commentary and I think you need to take a road trip to AZ and go shopping with me. I'm seriously lacking in style! No way could I pick out a vest and figure out how to wear it or what to wear it with...

Meredith said...

You're so cute and funny! Although I'm a little sad you won't be here (once I get rid of this baby weight) to go shopping with me!

Rocketgirl said...

UM. I WAS NOT AWARE OF THIS BLOG. Obsession commencing. I've seen the crazy deals for the miley line but I've been able to withstand, mostly because I'm so sick of packing that the idea of having one more thing to have to box up makes me throw up a little. I may have to glance a little closer at the Miley rack though - you REALLY make that dress/vest/belt thing work, and you know how I don't do belts. Bravo!

Becca said...

I love the third miley vest outfit. I wish I could wear dresses. I love those shoes. I want them. You didn't happen to find those babies for $3 did you?

Emily said...

Heidi, this is Emily from Sensibly Styled, and dang girl I love your style. You need to take all your outfit pictures and put them in a flickr photo album or something. I would stalk that hardcore. Plus, your hair is rad. I like the straight/center part the best. You have Jennifer Aniston hair (but brown).

Natalie said...

Love your style!!!

Elaine said...

Yes...those are definitely investments! :D

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DMC Studios said...

I LOVE the vest over the dress. In fact I copied it today! Hallelujah! Until I realized that the dress needed to be washed at my morning meeting. Sick. So I changed, but for the few hours it was on--it was AWESOME! THANK YOU!