Thursday, May 06, 2010

hombre ombre

i love ombre. every few years it comes back in style. things that are slightly boho appeal to me. tie dye is fun, but if you want something a bit more polished, i think this would be a great wardrobe update.

just some ideas:

prada handbag(i know i know. could i find anything else more high end?)

forever 21 tshirt

badgely mischka(for real. instead of groceries for the next 3 months.)

victoria's secret pleated skirt

keds from zazzle

calvin klein shirtdress, this is probably my favorite item

jcrew lorelei dress

2 shots of gwen stefani's wedding dress circa 2002. love it. and i'm not a pink girl.

and finally, fashion noted ombre necklace giveaway
i hesitated in posting this because i wanted to win it for myself, but go for it. i won't begrudge anyone else winning. very modern, but so classic.


DMC Studios said...

Does JCrew ever mess up?! No.

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