Thursday, May 06, 2010

skirts and belts, it's a way of life

new game at our house. both my kids try and get into all of my pictures, sometimes at the last minute. it's cute and annoying. and that's also my opinion on parenting in general. hahahaha. i kill myself.
the unintentional theme of the week was skirts and belts. i love heat and this month of may has already proved nice and warm. high 80s and even 90s today. so high buns(in my hair and elsewhere) and skirts are a must.
cutest, she kills me!

this outfit didn't really work for me. i love all the pieces, but the waistband on the skirt was too loose to look good with the belt and high waist. it was a bunchy mess with the shirt tucked in. but scarlett just looks beyond perfectly adorable. no pants and everything. she prefers to be au naturale. staying dressed is a struggle. and that hoot owl shirt is her favorite shirt, and probably the 5th shirt she wore that day.

i can't even remember what i did on tuesday, let alone what i wore. it's been that kind of week. i think it was pants. or sweats. i know i slept in my muumuu nightgown that night. i love it. now THAT is postworthy.

the camera timer was a little too quick for me on this one. it caught me fluffing. but it was the best out of all of the rest.
a belt closey. totally worked. except for at the dmv and the doctor's office when scarlett treated like a whip. but both of those places only require about 14 hours each. always a quick visit.


Carie said...

It makes it ALMOST feel like you still live here.

Becca said...

cute dress! i love the ruffles. and what a neat way to tie a belt.

DMC Studios said...

OOOOOHHHHH! Me gusta Sunday and Wednesday. LOOOOVEY LOVE Sunday's.