Wednesday, May 19, 2010

jo! how could you? your one beauty!

name the movie quoted in the post title and win 5304 points!

i got my hair cut last weekend.

i asked for a small trim and some texturizing on top. simple enough. what i ended up with was the "rachel" haircut pre-nose job, minus 4 whole inches of length. communication is key in any relationship, especially haircutting. either i can't communicate or my stylist can't listen.

i am obviously very distraught about this. poor thomas. he had to listen to me cry for an entire weekend. he was probably thrilled to go to work on monday morning. my hair is the one thing i can count on when i am having a zitty or blubby day. goodbye my securty pony tail. hello emotional downward spiral. let's go down a plate of brownies and gallon of ice cream and relive my junior high perm. heck, we could even relive my junior year of college perm. what was up with that? we don't even need the good stuff this time. even soft serve ice cream will do.

anywhooo, some recent outfits since i have sort of given up on being creative on a daily basis.

mother's day-
i spoke in our sacrament meeting so i tried to go for something maternal and mature but fresh in order to lend some credibility to my words. this was the result:

last sunday-
chambray skirt from belk

and reagan's graduation:
the chambray skirt comes in two other colors, khaki and black. i think i need both. i prefer skirts over shorts or capris any day.


Rachel said...

Umm, of course it is LITTLE WOMEN!!! Who Wouldn't know that?!
I think you look great with your new hair!
And I think it stinks when they make women talk on Mother's Day, it should be only men talking about how wonderful women are. Period. Whether they are mothers or not.

Carie said...

Little Women. Darn that Rachel beat me to it.

Sorry you don't like your hair. But, I'm pretty sure you rock it, because that is just how you roll.

Plus, no matter what, you have really pretty eyes. I could only be so lucky!

Jessica said...

you do have really awesome hair. i personally don't think it looks bad. but i totally know how it feels to not like how your hair looks after getting it cut. whenever this has happened to me i just rely on my mantra "the difference between a bad haircut and a better one is about a week." (i use this mantra a lot after i've cut ethan or scott's hair. hahahaha).

Rachelle said...

LITTLE WOMEN! love that movie.

and your hair - i know you hate it but it looks beautiful. but i get it - i HATTTEEEEE when people cut your hair and it is not what you asked for. that brings me back to nightmare memories of my teenage years when a certain someone in our ward use to cut me and my sisters hair and we SWEAR to this day she would screw it up on purpose!! now i find a good stylist and stalk her forever and threaten her if she moves just so i don't have a breakdown from a bad haircut. i liked what your other poster said: the difference between the good and bad haircuts is about a week! love that. but i still say you are rockin the doo cuz you look fabulous!

Rocketgirl said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with crying all weekend over a bad haircut. Heck, I did it for a month once - well, that was the horrific poodle cut/perm of '97. Tragic.

lrbodine said...

Definitely Little Women! Hair is definitely worth crying about - but for what it's worth.... I still like it!

Caroline said...

Aww man! you had your hair pulled back Sunday so I couldn't see it. The cut in your pic looks great!

DMC Studios said...

I've rocked the Rachel haircut since 7th grade. Still do but I have curly hair so no one knows it. Maybe you'll have some cute whispys that will fall down out of your pony that will look cute? I love the last preppy outfit. Ca-ute.