Thursday, January 05, 2012

the real deal

a haiku to debra:
you sent me new clothes
when i was nearly without
i am now your slave

no joke. without debra of i dream of anthropologie, this would be a topless picture. while that would probably up my readership numbers through the stratosphere(not to toot my own horn but pregnancy has been my friend) but that's not the angle i'm going for on this blog. about a month ago the lovely debra sent me a package full of clothes that she had thrifted for me so that i could dress this pregnant belly. i've never met debra before in real life. she did this out of the blue and out of the goodness of her own heart. thank you deb for taking a chance on a kid like me. i am indebted to you.
blouse- thrifted via deb
sweater- old old old
belt- gap
pants- target
boots- ebay steve madden

this is how i laugh. i was watching a community rerun. that show cracks me up. they are on the brink of cancellation so they are doing whatever the heck they want. and my 13 year old boy brain loves it.

both these images are from the same episode:

final note-
i saw this at target today. scarlett is never allowed to play with a ken doll that looks like this.
 1. his is hair flat-ironed a la billy ray cyrus.
2. that is a woman's belt he is sporting. i'm not that progressive.
4. men in tank tops gross me out. and the fact that he is wearing a knit mugger cap with a tank top is especially disconcerting. his head is cold but his arms are not? really? pick a side ken! emo truck driver with an affinity for stealing young girls grosgrain belts just isn't working.


Nicole Bolinger said...

I am pretty much JEALOUS of how good you look being prego!! jealous! :)

Slow Southern Style said...

That Ken doll does seem like a creep. I'm locking my doors extra tight tonight.

Peggy said...

So sweet of Debra! She is a thrifting genius! She sent me a sweater last year. Gotta love those blog friends! You look great. That Target pic about made me pee my pants

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

So much goodness in one post. After much internal debating, I've decided this is my favorite line(s): "his head is cold but his arms are not? really? pick a side ken! emo truck driver with an affinity for stealing young girls grosgrain belts just isn't working." Uh oh. "Hide yo kids, hide yo wives!" hahahaha

modernmom said...

Another outfit that looks exactly like I pictured. Love the black leggings/boots. Perfect!
That haiku made me laugh.
I am going to link back to my blog for Thrifted Thursday, as I am not quite done with the post I am working on for the house.
You are rocking the pregnancy looks!

Karola said...

love your blog. love it!
hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! :D
thank you! :D


Julie said...

Seriously you don't look preggers at all. I'm sending you some pictures of what I looked like- like a woman smuggling a basketball around under her shirt!

Jenny said...

New follower here...your outfit is so cute and doesn't even look like the typical "maternity outfit"! I look forward to your posts and hope you will check out my new beauty/fashion blog!
Jenny from

Kaitlyn said...

so i haven't been on here in forever and i've missed reading your posts! i didn't know you were pregnant - congrats! you look adorable. and i agree, that ken doll is ridiculous. said...

great blog it's wonderful.