Sunday, December 04, 2011

for the love of zack freaking morris

i've already opened my christmas present from my mother. i picked out some things when she was visiting in october and then i decided i just need to wear them. why not? spring could come really early this year and i will be big as a house in march. faux fur should be worn now. carpe fur! i'll leave the christmas surprises to thomas. like the year i got a foosball table. banner surprise.
in pregnancy news, i can't drink hot chocolate anymore nor can i eat fudge. they both make me sick. fluxing the reflux. it's a travesty. for the love of zack freaking morris! and i had to give up a dress i really like to wear in winter. i put it on for our final attempt at family pictures yesterday and my burgeoning belly made it about 3 inches too short for comfort or class. same goes for this skirt i wore today. i had to pull it so high to cover my stomach it's practically a bra. no need to wear 2 bras when i don't even need 1 in the first place.

sweater- ann taylor loft
skirt- banana republic
shoes- jessica simpson

i guess this means i'm about to break down and buy some *gasp* new clothes. 

the new clothes might even qualify as maternity clothes. 

my simple easy ridiculously make-able fudge:
6oz semi-sweet chocolate chips
6oz milk chocolate chips
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 stick of BUTTER
cup of baby marshmallows or fluff(can be optional)
melt in microwave


Joy said...

i think it's a sick joke that you look that good at any point in pregnancy. i swear to you, i pee on a stick and my pants don't fit.
that could totally be in a rap song... gotta love the faux fur-- and it's true, you never know when spring will come!!

Jenna said...

:) Love the vest.

modernmom said...

Your package goes out today, and you will find a couple of welcome skirt surprises in there. ;)

Serene said...

Oh my! I had no idea you were pregnant! Sorry I missed look lovely so incubating obviously agrees with you! ~Serene

amanda said...

For the love of Heidi freaking Luxe! You are wonderful and look so beautiful.

UGG Bailey Button said...

Good Christmas gift!

Karola said...

Hi! Just stopping by to say I'm a fan of yours! ;) You are so pretty, looking fab while pregnant and I love reading your blog! Such an easy and funny read! :) I'm following you and will defo come back more often! Come visit me at if you want! :)