Monday, December 12, 2011

1989 called and they want their sweater dress back

things i'm not a fan of:
1. sweater dresses(stretch out too quickly. cling to all the wrong places. head to toe pilling)
2. horizontal stripes across my hips and stomach(for the obvious reasons)
3. midi length skirts(my calves are one of my widest points)

BUT for $6 and when nothing else fits, i'll try it. just for funnsies. which normally isn't a good thing. buying just to buy or buying cheap stuff i'm not sure about when i could put the money towards something i actually like for just a little more money drive me nuts. i'd rather have less in my closet that i love than tons of stuff that was $6 and that's the only reason i bought it. it's like getting a mcdonald's hamburger for cheap and then feeling gross all afternoon or getting the red robin bleu ribbon burger(topped with onion straws!) for a few bucks more and being happy for about a week afterward. 

dress- old navy
booties- target


Emily Curfew said...

I love this outfit on you. I wish you could be my personal shopper!!

UGG Bailey Button said...
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Will and Natalie Giddens said...

You and Juliana - rockin' the horizontal stripes. And I get what you're saying about sweater dress, but girl, you look fabulous in that!

Danielle Miller said...

Love those Target boots x

Lisa and her unique Autoblog :-) said...

So cool!

Check out my Modelcar Christmas Tree!! :-D said...

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