Monday, December 26, 2011

i clean up pretty well

hurray for christmas sunday. normally holidays and sundays aren't my favorite combination, but christmas always works for me on sunday. it just feels perfect to me. church, presents and stuffing my face. i was watching harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 on sunday afternoon whilst sprawled out on the couch and for i minute i felt like i needed to check my pulse to make sure i hadn't died. it was that nice of a sunday. 
dress- banana republic
belt- dillards
shirt- miley cyrus via wal-mart
shoes- jessica simpson

21 weeks:

and remember this?


this may be the all time worst picture of me of all time forever and ever amen. let's break it down:
1. my greasy chin
2. my greasy hair
3. my 2008 5k long sleeve t shirt. my worst 5k time ever because i had lost my ipod and it was about 17 degrees outside. i was wearing shorts.
4. the fact that i have no upper lip.
5. my glasses. that girl in 7th grade who told me i was in a nerd herd was right. (rachel bahr, her initials are MD)
6. the utter shock registering on my face. this is the last thing i expected thomas to surprise me with. he never fails to surprise. surprising is one of his talents. 
roll tide!


Peggy said...

Ohhh beautiful skirt! I wore red for Xmas too. Half the congregation did! Haha

Marci said...

You do clean up well my friend! Thomas gets some serious points for scoring you that skirt...I love it! The gift opening pictures totally reminded me of all of our glasses wearing nerdy days!

Lili said...

Can I be in a nerd herd, too? :-) It sounds kinda nice!

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Rachel said...

Awww, My name, published! I know who you are referring too, a friend of mine who can have a mean spirit. I am in the nerd herd. What is a nerd herd? I know I am close to the front of the pack, whatever it is. Example, I could never rock that skirt like I know you are going to.
You look beautiful! (In the first two pictures). And you don't look pregnant. Are you sure that you are?

Rachel said...

I am aware of the grammatical error on my