Friday, July 18, 2008

everything is up to date in kansas city

if i had a buck for every time someone asked me what it is like to live in kansas, i would have about, oh, $55. but seriously. there is a popular misnomer that kansas city is in kansas. while there is a KCK. KCMO where it is at and is the one everyone talks about. most people think that missouri is farmlands and hicks. i am going to prove that we are chock full of celebs. plus, lots of farmlands and hicks. so, in no particular order:

george brett- not from kc, but it is his home now. we loyal royals fans think he is pretty close to heaven and wish he would come out of retirement and help revive our miserable team. once i called him georgie porgie and my brother steve said that was the most disrespectful thing i could do. i was 5.

brad pitt- from springfield, missouri. i used this picture because most of his recent shots are of him with some fat girl with lots of tatoos and big ol' lips. i didn't need her ruining my post.

matt tegenkamp- olympic athlete who graduated from the high school just down the road from my house. i taught him all he knows about running.

jesse james- famous outlaw. died in a shootout. famous last words were something along the lines of, "i love missouri forever!" or something like that. or i just made that up.

jean harlow- the term blond bombshell was coined because of her. died at age 26 from kidney failure.

harry s truman- from independence, missouri. the s in his name stands for S and that's it.

ginger rogers- amazing amazing amazing- from independence, missouri

chuck norris- or as we call him, carlos ray norris. he lived in prairie village, kansas for a short time. nice guns.

michael vick- famous quarterback now living in some resort community in leavenworth, kansas.

willie aames- resides in olathe, kansas(KC suburb) with wife and kids. why do you recognize him? from his roles in 8 is enough, charles in charge and VH1's celebrity fat club.

david cook- start screaming now. he's SOOOOOO cute. that's for you, caroline.

ernest hemingway-famous author and outdoorsman. wrote for the kansas city star way back in the day. he later committed suicide. most likely because he left kansas city. it's a hard place to get over.

others of note:

sheryl crow- barf on my face. most missourians wish she would stop acting like her opinions are more important than her music.

josephine baker- dancer, singer, civil rights activist born in saint louis.

nelly- well-known rapper from saint louis. likes to wear a new pair of sneakers everyday. not the best financial plan.

satchel paige- famous baseball pitcher. played for the kansas city monarchs and athletics. pitched professionally until he was in his 60s.

walt disney-born in marceline, missouri and later lived in KC. famous for drawing pictures of mice and ducks.


Cherilee Howden said...

Thanks Heidi for the history lesson. I'm really mad though that Brad Pitt stole my dress...that wasn't cool of him.

After visiting MO and more specifically Kansas City, I make sure that everyone knows I visited the KC in MO and not in KS because I definitely want to be cool.

Jessica said...

celebrity fat club...hahahaha. totally BOL. you just made my night. i was just sitting down at the computer completely bored at 10:30 on a friday night and thought for sure i'd have to wait until the weekend was over to get to read any blogworthy blogs. thank you for proving me wrong!

famous for drawing pictures of mice and ducks...hahahahaha.

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

Sign me up! I'm talking to Will immediately about moving to the wicked cool KCMO. I remember way back when I first met you that there was a definite difference between KCMO and KCK and a wise girl knew which one was better. Thank you again for teaching me the ways of the world!

PS-I TOTALLY recognized Buddy right away. Charles in Charge - loved it!

Caroline said...

Wow-you have a lot of time on your hands! HAHA!
I am so glad you love the place you live-that is VERY important!
Thanks for the shout out! David Cook is HOT! When are you going to send me a picture of his house?