Thursday, July 03, 2008

beijing 2008

who else is completely and totally excited???
i love the summer olympics. i find myself watching some of the most random sports and getting totally absorbed in to it. but my all time fave is women's gymnastics. growing up all us kids would get together and pretend to do flips and acrobats off of tables and chairs in our basement. i know my mom loved it!
i even had this stylish haircut:

the mary lou retton wedge. i remember the day i got that haircut will incredible clarity. i was in the first grade and my mother was tired of yelling at me to brush my hair. she said that if i didn't take better care if my hair, she was going to cut it all off. she made good on her threat. i was not pleased. no matter how much i liked watching gymnastics on tv, i did not like the wedge haircut.

what's your favorite event to watch during the olympics???


Andrea, MPA, JD, MRS said...

Swimming. Pretty much all swimming events. I just am so jealous at their ability to speed through the water. Men and women. *sigh*

lrbodine said...

Um pretty much all of the events! I love the gymnastics, the swimming, the track and field, all of it. After working for the 2002 Olympics - I love every aspect of them even more. But summer is my favorite!

Jeppson Clan said...

I love everything about the Olympics. Have you ever seen the Cary Grant movie "Walk don't Run"?
How did your skit go?

Rachel said...

I am looking forward to the Olympics for sure! It is amazing what you find yourself watching, totally random things. I really like the equestrian events of course, and swimming, gymnastics.
I will be on the lookout for inspiration for a new haircut.

The Liittle Shop of Cullen said...

Oh I love Women's gymnastics. We're supposed to go to Texas in August and I actually scheduled our trip so it wouldn't interfere with the dates that Women's gymnastics is on. I hope the girl from Blue Springs makes it on the Olympic team.

Livin' Single said...

mom also got sick of my gross hair and chose to run the risk of my having a life cursed with unpopularity provided by the unsightly haircut.
i am so stinkin' excited for the summer olympics!!! i love the summer because we always win!

Cherilee Howden said...

I'm glad to see reading priviledges have been restored. I will try and control my stalker tendencies so my priviledges won't be revoked again...I promise I'm doing better. I only drove by your house 20 times this week instead of 25...I would say that is a considerable improvement.

Caroline said...

I LOVE watching the gymnastics! I am so excited!