Wednesday, July 23, 2008

when is your child officially sick?

if your child has a runny nose, are they sick?
what about perpetual visible boogers?
what if they cough occasionally but not persistently?
open and oozing sores?
closed and dry sores?
what if they have these symptoms but are acting like they are fine?
at what point does your child stay home?
do you ever say anything to other people about their child possibly being too sick to be around other children?
when are YOU officially sick?


Livin' Single said...

once again, i have no kids. but i'm still a person, so i will give my humble, non-educated opinion. if your kid is throwing up, having major diarrhea, or is down for the count all of the time, they are officially sick. i should be a doctor.

amanda said...

Once again- you raise a thought-provoking question...

Gage has a cough. A cough that sounds bad. He's had it for about 6 months. He's not sick though. We've been to the ped. and the allergist. It's just annoying. People look at me like- "Whoa! Who brought the sick kid!?!?" And then I glare at them and growl "Back off!"

I don't think runny noses are a sign of sickness necessarily.
But fever, throwing up- or diarhea- yeah- keep 'em home.
Just a page from Mandy's Medical Montage.
Next week's installment will include head lice. My kids haven't had it, but I did in the
3rd grade. It wasn't pretty. Especially when my dad was picking nits out of my hair at church...
{I wonder when my self-esteem issues started?}

amanda said...

Wow I typed a lot.

Kristen said...

does the mom ever get to be officially (or unofficially for that matter) sick????

Caroline said...

open and oozing sores-oh that is gross!
I say as long as they have been fever free or have not thrown up for 24 hours they are usually okay. If there snot is clear that is a good sign-if their snot is green that is just gross!