Tuesday, October 30, 2007

wedding announcement dos and don'ts

my mom, sister and i are notorious wedding announcement analyzers. we love discussing the merits and mistakes, the nice touches and the horrible blunders many people make on announcements. many of our past family get togethers have been highlighted with a wedding announcement discussion session. to illustrate my point: heather gets home from her mission. after arriving home from the airport, she heads up to her room. as she is ascending the stairs to her room, my mother calls up to her, "heather, there is a basket of wedding announcements from the last 18 months next to your bed." that basket of announcements then made it to my house when my sister visited last week. i am actually a bit surprised that my mother didn't bring the basket with her to the airport.
anywhooo, i really am okay with lots of styles of announcements, i just really really really HATE it when people try and be goofy in their pictures. i think wedding announcements need to have some level of maturity, especially if you are getting married in the temple. save the cutesy stuff for other occasions. and the cleavage should be reserved for never.
i don't know these people. this was sent to me by my sister, who had it sent to her from her friend of a friend or whatever. hopefully you won't know them either so that it doesn't get back to them that their wedding announcement is being lampooned on someone's blog.
thomas claims that he likes it. he just likes to be the devil's advocate. thankfully, i was by myself when i went to pick out our announcements.

heidiluxe's short list of wedding announcement and photo do's and don'ts:

DO- make your print large enough so that all the swirly letters are legible
DO- ask for others assistance to spellcheck, edit, check of errors. if you are LDS, please make note that the Church's name is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints(lower case d)
DO- pick an announcement that reflects your personal style
DO- wear something simple in your photo. only wear medieval costume if you wear it everyday. and that is all you wear. then you are exempt. but you are also weird.
DO- check and see if your particular announcement needs extra postage

DON'T- wear baseball caps
DON'T- sit on hay bales while wearing matching all denim outfits.
DON'T- wear medieval costumes. even if you have a medieval alter-ego named lady claire-elisabethe. pretty much avoid all costumes.
DON'T- wear a large watch or any trendy jewelry
DON'T- choose a font that is difficult to read or too small. avoid using several fonts.
DON'T- put glitter in the envelope with your announcement. i got one like that once and it was just weird. and messy.
NEVER EVER EVER- put a picture of yourself and your beloved wearing swimsuits with your announcements. have some decorum people!

what are all y'alls announcement thoughts?


Will & Natalie Giddens said...

Wow, I'm speechless. Are you sure that was a legit announcement? Like it wasn't two people who just decided to mess with everyone by doing EVERY SINGLE faux paux known to man???

I especially love the blantant ring shot. It wasn't enough for that girl to simply pose so the ring was showing (which I think is lame anyway), no she REALLY wanted it IN YO' FACE!! Oh! And the piggy back shot - no, no, no, no!!!

Seriously, the only thing they're missing is a shot of them barefoot hanging out near water.

I agree with you Heidi. It's a wedding and a temple marriage - act appropriately. When I worked for Elder Cook he was really big on couples who were going to be married in the temple taking temple appropriate pictures. There is a time and a place to be silly/creative/goofy/whatever. And your wedding in general is not really the place.

That's just my opinion... :-)

Rachel said...

That is one of the worst I have seen. And of course it was from Utah. I really hope Thomas was teasing you...

My neighbor here did have a medieval announcement, as well as reception that was in her backyard which is next to my backyard, oh you should have seen the bridesmaids dresses. If only I had kept the announcement it would have been a perfect addition to your blog. Her younger sister might get married someday...I'll keep you posted, but she's only a Mia Maid-

Rachel said...

Ok, I just posted but then I realized that there is an actual little clip art of the temple in the bottom left hand corner of that announcement. Someone should make a call to Manti-

Lachelle, Rob & Eliza said...

That wedding announcement is hilarious. Definitely the worst one that I have ever seen! So funny.

I agree that your announcement should reflect your style but also be appropriate!! I think my biggest piece of advice for wedding announcements is simple and classic is going to make you happier in the end. I had mine custom designed to have 3 engagement pictures on the front and then it opened up to the wording. If I had to go it again - I would not have picked that announcement! It was pretty but trendy. Oh well - not like anyone really remembers it but me and my scrapbook.

Caroline said...

Oh I just can't believe it! The thing that cracks me up so much is that she is showing off her ring like it is some kind of "bling bling" and it is not!
I hate the wedding announcements that look more like shower invitations. I got one the other day that had a black border with white and red polka dots. Pretty cute-but definately for a birthday party!

Tess said...

OK, so I am at work and so bored! I stumble across your blog that's linked to Heather's. And while I have gotten SO many laughs from both your blogs, this was just too much. My mom also saved me a box of announcements for when I got off my mission. My husband had to throw them away for me as we were packing up to move because I'm so obsessed with critiquing them. Anyhow, these tips should be published as a decree all over Provo. And soon. Thanks for brightening my day and helping me know I'm not the only one out there that critiques announcements. And mine turned out faux-pas free if you ask me: no piggy back rides, no cleavage, no ring, no cryptic font.
PS I went to BYU with Heather AND we served our missions in Romania.