Friday, October 26, 2007

something fantastic this way comes

back in my glorious college era, i had a deep and loving relationship with express jeans. they were my faves! i knew that i could go in, pick my size and the color i wanted and they would look fantastic. and the price was just right. it was a sure thing for several years. then in recent years i found myself wanting to break off my relationship with express jeans. it just wasn't working out anymore. i didn't want to hurt their feelings; the history that we had together meant so much to me. but we weren't going in the same direction. they were getting all experimental with new cuts and new fits. the pocket placement had changed. the waistband pinched. i didn't feel as glamorous and carefree anymore. it was tough endng things. i just wasn't an express girl anymore.
well, that has all changed! i have been desperately searching for a new pair of jeans. i needed something i could wear with flats. i have a really nice pair of jeans, but i want to keep them long for when i actually go somewhere nice and need to wear a heel. my other jeans were just worn out or too small, i've just had another baby for the love!
i recently read an article in lucky magazine stating that the new express jeans were the next best thing to buying designer jeans. and since we like to eat, pay bills and live indoors, designer jeans are out of the question. but, i was encouraged by the article, so off i went to express this week. i tried on several pairs and i was immediately interested. i felt a spark of the old denim relationship. i had an definite attraction to a very $$$ pair. they tried to woo me. i was almost swayed, but i resisted. i've got a family to think about. plus, i have spent enough time with my own kids to know that i need something that i didn't mind getting a little worn, spilled on, washed often or not washed very often. then i discovered slim W10. i was apprehensive. slim? not in my vernacular right now. i need movement and comfort. as much as i fought it, it was love. there was excitement in the air and music in my ears. W10 held me in all the right ways. the slim cut was more of a curve hugger, not a blubber magnifier. comfortable, but not slouchy. i knew this was going to be a symbiotic relationship.
***sadly, the days of $40 express denim are over. this pair was more, but they definitely were NOT the $108 or $80 pairs i tried on. yikes.
***the blog title refers to the book title something wicked this way comes. i am not doing a yoda impression. i just think that sounds cool. or should i say, i think cool sounds that.


Jessica said...

hey! i was just in express this weekend for the sole purpose of buying a new pair of jeans! unfortunately they did not have my size in ANY of the styles, so i was not able to see if i still love express jeans myself. i guess that's what happens when one is a "short." oh well, i'm going to try again this weekend.

i'm glad you found something you loved, though! when are you going to post pictures of all your fabulous halloween costumes??

Lachelle, Rob & Eliza said...

I am desperately in need of a new pair of jeans also. I will have to go to Express and start trying. Although I will share my secret weapon to getting Designer jeans . .. go to Nordstrom and figure out the size, style, brand, cut, etc that you love and then hunt on ebay!! I've found $240 jeans BRAND NEW for $50-60 on ebay. Sorry for the long post - but I was just thinking the other day about how I'm getting sick of wearing jeans each and every day. But with things constantly being spilled on me or spit up on me . . I dont' know what other pants to invest in!!