Sunday, October 07, 2007

thanks but no thanks

this topic has been on my mind a lot lately. i saw this today and stole this from another blog. it sums up my thoughts perfectly:
"The Thank you note is a forgotten art of our generation. There are few things as offensive as bringing a gift to a wedding and having a pre-written typed out thank you note given to you at the door, with your little white baggie of Jordan Almonds. People that love and care about the couple took the time to purchase a present, (most often in the range of $40) and the least the couple can do is take the time and express genuine thanks. The same applies to birthday presents, christmas presents and baby gifts. The thank you note not only makes the giver feel good, but those good feelings you generate with in the giver makes them want to give again."

my thoughts on the subject:
1. there is no such thing as sending a thank you card too late.
2. they should be hand-written.
3. they don't need to be long, just mention what you are thanking them for. if it was a gift, try and mention it and how often you use it(if you can remember what the gift was).
4. if they are wedding thank you notes, they can be the same message over and over and over. people don't usually compare with friends the message in a thank you note.
5. forgive your friends if they forget to send thank you notes. we all screw up and i know that i need often need forgiveness.
6. send thank you notes for minor things. i often find those to be most appreciated.


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I totally agree with you on this one! If someone can spend their time and money on a gift-the least you can do is send a thank you!