Sunday, August 21, 2011

nacho mama

 i felt super cheesy today. taking pictures never gets more natural for a cheese ball like me. i cannot do an artsy-fartsy, sultry, smoky look! and lately i've just been in a mood. i'm in a big "i just want to wear my gym clothes" phase right now. maybe it's because i want to simplify my wardrobe and my life? maybe because i feel like a sweaty, crazy person? is there a deeper meaning here? or, do i really just want to eat mexican food all the time and gym clothes are mexican food's best friend? SI! que es el boleta!
dress- casual corner
blouse- thrifted
sandals- bakers

senior 2011!
my senior picture:
class o' 98!


Ashley said...
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Carie said...

I love Mexican food. I also love your dress.

My favorite Senior picture pose is the over the neck shot. Feel free to steal that for your next post.

Carie said...

I hope I wasn't unclear. What I mean is the face turned over the shoulder shot.

Anonymous said...

Look at you such a beautity queen and still are! Love the colors you are wearing, cute in pastels.

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Julie said...

Good thing you still look hot in your gym clothes :)