Thursday, December 18, 2008


what i liked-
-i liked mrs. meyer's reference of cathy and wuthering heights. a true classic. hopefully more people will be inclined to read it. i read it once in 7th grade and grasped almost none of it. i am planning on trying to read it again.
-also, romeo and juliet and anne of green gables references. not just junk you are forced to read in high school.
-the edward/heathcliff comparison. solid.
-bella/cathy comparison. for real. bella needs to pick something and stick with it.

what made me barf-
-the wolf pack. they might as well of been animated talking animals. i just can't handle that. i want them to all drown in the ocean.
-bella's apathy toward college attendance. becoming a vampire does limit some of a person's opportunity to be a part of the outside world. i wish she would take advantage of every opportunity she got.
-why can't she let edward buy her something? perhaps a new wardrobe? at least a car? i would take a BMW 525i in charcoal gray, please. she is sort of selfish to limit other people's generosity.
-bella's love of jacob. if she loves edwards as much as she claims, then jacob's friendship should be just that and not a threat to edward. selfish snot. she wants it all for herself. she thinks that because she loves both edward and jacob, granted differently, that they should both be happy because she is.
-kissing jacob. how in the world did she fall for that?
-requiring edward to stay with her during the battle. no way. she needs to be supportive of edward protecting his family. how could they have happiness together if his whole family had been slaughtered?

i'm on the fence with-
-getting married. these are teenagers! at least one of them is. but,at the same time, i don't get why the idea is so repulsive to bella. it's like she can't see beyond her own nose. selfish selfish selfish.
-the victoria/newborn battle. eh? perhaps that is just the rosalie coming out in me. i wasn't that interested. they could have taken a trip somewhere for about a month and avoided the whole ordeal.


Nicole said...

I love you comments. I am gonna have to breakdowna dn start reading! You totally peaked my curosity!

Jessica said...

i was ticked when she kissed jacob myself. this was another book where i got WAY too involved (just ask scott) and was almost physically sick worrying about whether or not she was choosing the right one. (it brought back memories from my months long freakout session when scott and i were dating and i was worried that maybe we shouldn't be together. NOT a fun time). i always liked jacob and thought he was pretty funny, but on having re-read them all now a few times, i do see how some see him as obnoxious.

anyway, i'm beyond anxious to hear your review of breaking dawn!!!

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

Jacob is dumb. Bella is selfish. Edward is cool. That's pretty much the entire series in a nutshell for me.