Monday, September 08, 2008


hurray for britney spears. at least you look like a high-priced call girl now. seriously though. you should consider promoting a work out video.

hurray for the jonas brothers. thank you for channeling the beatles and bringing back the rock n' roll suit.

hurray for miley cyrus. you look like a 15 year old should look. i'll forgive you for the shoes.

hurray for zac efron. you are still taking yourself too seriously to smile, and too seriously to spell your name with a k, but this retro inspired skinny suit doesn't look costumey at all.


Wade, Nicole, Nora, Audrey said...

Oh...I almost forgot that we both have a crush's on Britney...I was very proud of her! ;)

ANd hurray for the Jonas Brothers purity ring oh I mean CTR ring! ;)

Anonymous said...

I think you are hilarious, Heidi. I think you should have your own tv show, I know I would watch.