Sunday, September 28, 2008

change schmange

the buzzword of the 2008 presidential election is CHANGE. both parties are claiming that there is an undeniable need for change. while this rallying cry seems to appeal to the masses, i am done with it. it needs to be retired. i am a child of the reagan revolution. i still believe that the united states of america is a "shining city upon a hill". i know that our country was divinely founded. i also know that our country has flaws that need to be remedied. but i am proud to be an American. i am proud to say that what we have here in this country is the best on earth. our number one goal should not be change, it should be improvement. i know that americans are inherently good. we need to improve who we are each day.


Cherilee Howden said...

Amen!! You tell it like it is...and in my opinion you are totally right:P

Not that you care if I agree with what you agree that I agree with what you said...but I appreciate you telling it very eloquently!

Wade, Nicole, Nora, Audrey said...

Right on sister! I agree with cherilee, you said it very eloquently!! Miss ya!