Thursday, November 02, 2006

when will fidelity be in vogue?

i tried to find the worst possible picture of ryan...

and the absolute most gorgeous picture of reese.

where to begin??? the celebrity world was shocked this week by the announcement of reese witherspoon filing for divorce. yikes. i must admit i was saddened by the news, but at the same time, i am becoming very desensitized by the plethora of celebrity divorces. if it was "in" last year to get married and get pregnant, then it is "in" this year to divorce very publicly. my humble opinion on the reese/ryan demise? i think he cheated. through my extensive research(pink is the new blog), i have compiled information that would lead me to believe that ryan was sloppy about hiding his mistress and the whole world and reese found out. this also makes me think that he wanted reese to find out. being discreet shouldn't be too hard; don't go in public and openly canoodle someone that isn't your wife. this brings me to my next point, EVERYONE IN HOLLYWOOD CHEATS! and i am so sick of it. i have compiled a list of cheaters:
prince charles and princess diana
rudy giuliani
brad pitt and angelina jolie
donald trump
owen wilson and kate hudson
julia roberts and danny moder
elizabeth taylor and eddie fisher
kobe bryant
woody allen and his former step-daughter soon-yi previn (ICK!)
jude law
tom cruise and penelope cruz
marc anthony and j.lo
shannon elizabeth
meg ryan and russell crowe
chad michael murray
i could probably go on for a while. they won't get any sympathy from me. they better just button up those lips and dry those eyes in interviews on E! and just talk about the next project they have in the works. i can't handle anymore celebs milking their lack of honesty and commitment as "true love" and "what a hard time they were going through". blah blah blah. i am emotionally severing myself from celebrity personal lives. except for reading blogs about celebrities, writing blogs about celebrities, reading magazines, watching tv entertainment news programs, chatting with friends about celebrities, and watching a zillion pseudo awards shows about celebrities. a girl's got to have a hobby, right?
furthermore, if anything happens to gwen and gavin and tim and faith, i will probably start wearing acid washed jeans and splatter paint t-shirts in protest of the lack of reverence for marriage. so, to the rosdales and the mcgraws, please don't make me take my threat to heart!

love it!!! makes me warm and fuzzy like drinking hot cocoa and reading dear abby!

so cute i could puke my guts out!

speaking of puking my guts out... doesn't k-fed look a little too much like vanilla ice in these shots?

i listened to a few minutes of k-fed's album "playing with fire" and a few minutes was all i needed. i am not rap aficionado, but i do know that GOOD rap is more that just swearing, talking about drinking and smoking and making lewd and lascivious comments about women and that was all i heard on his album. but since most new rap these days is about swearing, talking about drinking and smoking, and making lewd and lascivious comments about women, if he weren't mr. britney spears, he would fit right in and be ultra succesful.

happy birthday to emily jean hansen curfew!
can you believe this was 5 years ago?


Will & Natalie Giddens said...

Oh Heidi!!

This entry was all that I hoped it would be. You have just the right mixture of intelligent thoughts, sass, sarcasm and of course, wit. You are AWESOME and I completely agree with every single word you typed. YOU ROCK!!!

Valoree said...

That blog was so on! Some of us girls at work were just saying the same things at lunch yesterday! Thanks for making me laugh out loud. I couldn't agree more with everything you said!

Rachel Connett said...

Oh, poor Reese. And poor K-Fed, his gangsta roots and pure musical talent just aren't appreciated.
Isn't it time you revisit the Office?

Emily said...

wonderful post. very meaty. good insight.

... and that last picture is scary! boo!! happy halloween? did we go out in public like that? pleaes tell me no!!!

Emily said...

hiedi, i'm surprised you havent hit up the big Brintney divorce subject!!! can't wait to read your thoughts!