Wednesday, November 22, 2006

a photography challenge

traveling this holiday season can be an overwhelming experience. baggage is lost, flights are missed, airplane food is mediocre at best. traveling by car means long hours in one seat with kids asking the never ending question, "are we there yet?".
one thing that can brighten your trip is the wacky people that are also traveling. it makes me wonder while people choose travel as a great time to break out the crazy clothing. my brother david sent me this picture a while back of a woman they saw in the salt lake city airport when they were waiting to pick up a cousin when he returned home from his mission. does she think the airport doubles as a nightclub? it makes me smile to this day.

so bloggers, keep your eyes open this holiday season for the crazy people that you see while traveling, while at a gas station, while at a restaurant, concerts, family get togethers...anywhere. send me the pic and i will post them on this blog. try to be discreet, or not so discreet. bonus if you are in the picture too! it'll be fun!
ps-david, try and find that picture of that chick popping her boyfriend's back zits while at an amusement park. that would be a quality posting!


Valoree said...

That is so funny. I have to admit that I used to be one of those people you would see at the rest areas with my pajama pants on.

Emily said...

i gotta see the popping zit pic!! hahaha thats disgusting!! hapy thanksgiving!!!

Emily said...

Heidi -

I'm kicking myslef now for not taking a picture that would have been perfect for this blog!!! We were driving home from Utah over thanksgiving break - It was a freakin parking lot from downtown las vegas all the way into California - literally 5-20 miles and horu stop and go for 4 hours straight. nightmare!! anyways - so we drove past one care (at like 10 miles an hour) and some fat lady with nasty cleavage was sleeping (maybe even dead) with her head and pillow smashed up against the window in some white trash truck. dang!! i was thinking as we were passing i wish i had my camera handy - b/c i immediately thought of you and this blog entry!!!