Thursday, June 06, 2013

Laid back

The laziest blogger who ever was. I finally washed my mirror, but with mouthwash. 

The calculated half tuck. Yay or nay? 
There's something decidedly un-laid back about planning your laid back half tuck. 
And in an ongoing effort to reduce the time I spend on my appearance, I'm trying to just air dry my hair, but using product to make it look somewhat piecy and defined. As I write that I feel like that means I'm giving up. Air hair don't care, not too much that is. but, streamlining my life is my goal. 
Summer goals for a streamlined life:
1. Air dried hair. Find a good product to help me out with this. 
2. Summer reading program for adults at the library
3. Specific home organization goals- organize silverware drawer. Weekly goodwill drop off. Furniture refinishing. 
My first refinishing project: 
Also on the docket is new fabric on my dining room chairs. 
4. Fitness fitness fitness. And food. I'm at a really good place exercise wise lately. I've had great muscular development in the past two months. If could just try and eat better, I'd so ripped. I start out each day great. I log into myfitnesspal and rock it for most of the day. But, I'm a baker. And self control goes out the window. 
5. Develop more spiritual opportunities with my children. Children who are taught religion and spirituality are ultimately better decision makers because they have been presented with topics they either accept or reject from an early age. Plus, more chances to talk with my kids on a myriad of topics and show them how spirituality is a part of everything in our world. 

So. Those are my top 5 for a laid back summer. 


caramelchica said...

Negative-Nancy here, I'm a fellow baker/candy-maker who just could not get the brownie/cookie/muffin/toffee consumption under control so my fitness goals were thwarted even though I ate healthfully the rest of the time. I did a whole food challenge (whole30) and felt so much better. I just don't bake anymore, which makes me sad to type, but replaced it with getting creative with more paleo-style meals and snacks. And as an added, non-weight/fitness based incentive, I apparently have a gluten sensitivity because when I did make cookies (and of course ate some [several]), I broke out in heat-rash-like acne on my forehead.
Anyway, sounds like a great template for an awesome summer!

Kaitlyn said...

you have a fourth of july look going on there and i like it! ;P also, the chair looks great!

you use mfp, too? i got on it in march 2012 and i have seriously logged my food 85% of the time since then. i guess it's just a habit for me now. so anyway, i'm opposite of you - i'm usually pretty good at the food part, it's the working out part that i don't always keep up with. it comes in spurts - sometimes i'll be on a roll, working out 6 days of the week, then i won't want to even work out 3.

Emily Curfew said...

love the chairs! i thought it was for scarlett's room?

and the the half tuck shirt doesn't bother me. (and i love your sassy hair.)

lrbodine said...

Let me know what hair product you discover. I love to bake and eat but my nursing baby days are over for the time being so I am going to have to make adjustments.

Jessica said...

i'm with emily, and i actually really like the half-tuck -- pre-planned or not. and the chair looks great! please share more info on your fitness regimen! i am in need of major motivation here.