Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I love sweat

I know what you're thinking. Why are you showing me pictures of you flexing and the muscle definition isn't that great? I'm no Arnold Schwarzenegger, but that's not my goal. Here's the thing, think it's great and I'm really excited about it and that's what makes it so great. I love that fitness and health are so much more than being thin. I've seen so much improvement and I absolutely miss the gym when I'm not there. I'm a big believer in the class. I can create a pretty good workout routine on my own in the weight room. But being challenged by an instructor is fantastic.  I feel I've made such great strides because I attend specific classes because I know the instructor will push me. Her name is Lisa. I have a big time girl crush on her. I haven't started following tailing her home after class but I am one step away from prank calling her and breathing heavy into the phone. 

I eat a lot of this stuff. Lots of protein. Very little bread. I definitely miss bread, but I don't miss bloating. I have 3 eggs for breakfast everyday. Post workout I have a muscle milk shake or banana.  Lunch is almost always bistro sensations mozzarella and artichoke chicken sausage. I love it.  I normally have at least a cup or more of broccoli with lunch and dinner. For dinner I try to make a regular meal and choose healthy portions. (I like cheese.) Yes, i am hungry sometimes. I think the first two weeks of a healthy diet plan you're going to be hungry. We live in a culture where we over consume everything. I have 25 skirts in my closet. Nobody needs that many and nobody needs to feel full all the time. I can never be one of those people who never splurge. I like junk food. I'm not going to lie. I'm not very good at just having a little bit but I'm way better at just a little than never at all. If I completely deprive myself, I will crack and consume 45,000 calories in a 36 hour period. That's not good either. Frankly, i don't want to eat a handful of flax seed or get excited about half a sweet potato. That is why myfitnesspal works so well for me. I put in what I'm eating and it calculates how many calories I've got for the rest if the day. It only guilts you if you get too few calories for the day. And too few calories is easily remedied with a scoop or five of Nutella. With an apple of course. 
I'm not a perfect eater by far. I make fantastic chocolate chip cookies. I make great homemade pizza. My mexi-shells are amazing. Don't get me started on my red velvet brownie cake with cream cheese frosting. Eating right is the absolute hardest part of fitness for me. But, I've spent too much of my life thinking I'm overweight, when *newsflash* I've never been overweight. I've been ridiculously unhealthy. I've had a terrible body image perception, but never been overweight. Food is our friend. It's a blessing. And I must teach my children healthy food and fitness decisions through my example. 
<steps off soapbox> 
So, this is my weekly work out plan. Unfortunately, I don't space my upper and lower body workouts out that well and give myself adequate recovery, but what can you do? You can just work hard. 
Monday- body combat for 60 minutes. It's like dancing but without dancing. Lots of punching and kicking, balance and non stop cardio. 

Tuesday- body sculpt. I wish i could fit this class in everyday day. Weightlifting and strength training. I feel best after this class. 

Wednesday- intense fit. It's a variety of weight training, conditioning and running sprints(and vomiting). Lots of lunging with weights. We once did 100 burpees in an hour. It was delightfully horrible.

Thursday- I try to get up early and run at least 4 miles and then spend some time on abs and core. 

Friday- either spinning or interval. Interval is similar to intense fit but with no sprinting. Non- stop action with around 10 seconds between activities. 

Saturday I normally don't workout because I do so much yard work and housework and family stuff. I prefer the family stuff. My goal for the summer is to start getting up earlier and run, but I never see my husband because he gets home so late so I have a really hard time going to bed early. Saturday morning exercise gets sacrificed. And its not like I'm sleeping in anyway. 7am feels like a treat after Monday through Friday. But I miss regular long Saturday runs. They were my fave. 

What do you do? Who inspires you? My beastie Bratalie inspires me. She's also on myfitnesspal and she encourages and motivates. Plus, she glows. 


Will and Natalie Giddens said...

Please tell me that was a typo and I'm your "bestie" and NOT "beastie". Although beastie is strangely accurate.

Other than that, I'm flattered! I really loved this post. So much truth in one little blog post. I especially love that you still eat regular food. Of course you do! What fun is socializing and life if you can't eat the yummy, not-so-good for you stuff? Nobody wants to be around people on their nutritional high-horse.

I start up Boot Camp tomorrow and I can't wait to be challenged again. Yea for fitness! Yea for health! Yea for nutrition! And yea for myfitnesspal!

lrbodine said...

You might be inspiring me to start inputting into MyFitnessPal! Love this post. I have not been healthy lately and want to start again. Your muscles are amazing!

Jessica said...

am i the only one who finds myfitnesspal frustratingly un-user-friendly and a hassle???? i keep hearing so many people rave about it that i really want to do it but every time i try i just get annoyed! hahaha. thanks for posting your fitness regimen! :) you are HARD CORE with your exercise -- that is awesome. when we move, i need to find a place with good classes asap. and friends. i really need to find friends asap as well. hahaha. thanks for posting!

Laura said...

I had to try that chicken sausage after reading this! Its really good! A little too salty for me though. Also I was lazy and cooked it in the microwave. How do you cook yours?

Lamak said...

I too am looking for a diet plan that will allow me to lose 100 pounds. Staying away from bread is ok, but too much protein will mean high cholesterol.