Sunday, April 13, 2014

on being crazy

I felt like a blogger this morning! I pulled out this blue checkered shirt that I haven't worn since my hard core blogging days and I paired it with whatever was closest/neutralish in my closet and then I slapped a belt around my waist. If that's not mom style blogging in it's most basic form, I don't know what is. and then the crowning moment was at church when a lovely lady stopped me in the hall and said that if she wore all these patterns together she would look crazy, but I make it work. The secret is that...I'm crazy! But that's hardly the world's best kept secret.  

I recenty spent about an hour recently going through old heidiluxe blog posts.  Then a dear friend of mine said she had done the same. The pull to post here hasn't been strong lately. I just don't wear a ton of fashionable things of late. I wear my uniform of items that don't poke me in the belly and i like it. But part of me still wants to post! Especially really high quality church bathroom shots like this!
I got the skirt for a dollar at goodwill because my dear scarlett I
is alwaysdetermined that I buy the dollar color of the day. I'm trying to ignore the 90s but this polyester dream that completely over accentuates my hips found me. Class of 98 and teenage body issues i thought i had overcome forever.


HJolley said...

You make everything look good. And your hair is lusciously long. So beautiful! Glad you posted on this.

Jess said...

Crazy works for you. You look great!

Jessica said...

high quality church bathroom shots! hahahaha. love it. and for the record -- i love anytime you post anything. you're a breath of fresh air in a stale, stale world. :) haha.

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