Monday, December 26, 2011

i clean up pretty well

hurray for christmas sunday. normally holidays and sundays aren't my favorite combination, but christmas always works for me on sunday. it just feels perfect to me. church, presents and stuffing my face. i was watching harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 on sunday afternoon whilst sprawled out on the couch and for i minute i felt like i needed to check my pulse to make sure i hadn't died. it was that nice of a sunday. 
dress- banana republic
belt- dillards
shirt- miley cyrus via wal-mart
shoes- jessica simpson

21 weeks:

and remember this?


this may be the all time worst picture of me of all time forever and ever amen. let's break it down:
1. my greasy chin
2. my greasy hair
3. my 2008 5k long sleeve t shirt. my worst 5k time ever because i had lost my ipod and it was about 17 degrees outside. i was wearing shorts.
4. the fact that i have no upper lip.
5. my glasses. that girl in 7th grade who told me i was in a nerd herd was right. (rachel bahr, her initials are MD)
6. the utter shock registering on my face. this is the last thing i expected thomas to surprise me with. he never fails to surprise. surprising is one of his talents. 
roll tide!

Monday, December 12, 2011

1989 called and they want their sweater dress back

things i'm not a fan of:
1. sweater dresses(stretch out too quickly. cling to all the wrong places. head to toe pilling)
2. horizontal stripes across my hips and stomach(for the obvious reasons)
3. midi length skirts(my calves are one of my widest points)

BUT for $6 and when nothing else fits, i'll try it. just for funnsies. which normally isn't a good thing. buying just to buy or buying cheap stuff i'm not sure about when i could put the money towards something i actually like for just a little more money drive me nuts. i'd rather have less in my closet that i love than tons of stuff that was $6 and that's the only reason i bought it. it's like getting a mcdonald's hamburger for cheap and then feeling gross all afternoon or getting the red robin bleu ribbon burger(topped with onion straws!) for a few bucks more and being happy for about a week afterward. 

dress- old navy
booties- target

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

baby i was born to sway

one of my favorite people on earth(bratalie, in order to maintain anonymity) has a special knack for mishearing lyrics. my all time favorite mistake is the very popular song by garth brooks, "the river" where mr. brooks encourages us to "sell our investments"(sail my vessel). i just love to butcher a song and sing the wrong thing on purpose. together we are a delightful saturday night at the karaoke bar. 

can you guess the songs behind these lyrics?

like a twister i was born to wear cologne

there's a bathroom on the right

excuse me while i kiss this guy

big pimpin', spinach and cheese

ls t-shirt- gap
jacket- target
jeans-gap  forever skinny
booties- target

i really like my legs in these pictures(i actually like this whole outfit. honestly, 50% of the time i really am not thrilled with what i am wearing. everything is mostly attempts, rather than successes.). i've never worn these jeans like this before. they are 34 inch inseam and so i always need to roll or cuff them to make them wearable. today i simply paired them with platform booties and then cuffed them under. i think that combination really gives a nice elongating look. i look much taller than 5'5 in this picture. yay me!

ps- funny or cry. i was running errands yesterday while wearing a pair of pants that required elastic band love to keep them together(like all my pants these days). as i was in the grocery store i thought to myself, "man, these pants aren't snug at all. in fact they feel really comfortable and have felt great ALL DAY." and then i looked down and realized that my pants were visibly unzipped and my poor little elastic was holding on for dear life and probably had been all day. hence the comfort. ignorance is bliss.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

for the love of zack freaking morris

i've already opened my christmas present from my mother. i picked out some things when she was visiting in october and then i decided i just need to wear them. why not? spring could come really early this year and i will be big as a house in march. faux fur should be worn now. carpe fur! i'll leave the christmas surprises to thomas. like the year i got a foosball table. banner surprise.
in pregnancy news, i can't drink hot chocolate anymore nor can i eat fudge. they both make me sick. fluxing the reflux. it's a travesty. for the love of zack freaking morris! and i had to give up a dress i really like to wear in winter. i put it on for our final attempt at family pictures yesterday and my burgeoning belly made it about 3 inches too short for comfort or class. same goes for this skirt i wore today. i had to pull it so high to cover my stomach it's practically a bra. no need to wear 2 bras when i don't even need 1 in the first place.

sweater- ann taylor loft
skirt- banana republic
shoes- jessica simpson

i guess this means i'm about to break down and buy some *gasp* new clothes. 

the new clothes might even qualify as maternity clothes. 

my simple easy ridiculously make-able fudge:
6oz semi-sweet chocolate chips
6oz milk chocolate chips
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 stick of BUTTER
cup of baby marshmallows or fluff(can be optional)
melt in microwave